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Editor’s Hostmonster Review:

Hostmonster and Bluehost are owned by the same parent company; therefore, it is no surprise that Hostmonster ranks #2 on the WebHostingJoe top 10 list.  Hostmonster is a world-class web hosting provider who currently hosts over 1 million domain names.  Hostmonster is the real deal, other web hosting providers may claim to provide the best service but in my opinion, none come close to providing the same quality as Hostmonster and sister companies.

When reviewing hosting providers there are a few categories that we look at, they include but are not limited to: pricing, reliability, customer support, features, and availability.  I have broken down each of these categories for Hostmonster below.

Pricing: Hostmonster ranks exceptionally well in the category of pricing.  In fact, they are one of the most affordable hosts in the market that does not sacrifice quality. Typically hosting with Hostmonster costs well over five dollars per month; however, with our exclusive Hostmonster promo link (see above) you can get the exact same hosting for only $3.95 a month!!  This is an exceptional deal…   Great pricing!

Reliability: If you are looking for a host that will provide you with a reliable service you really cannot go wrong with Hostmonster.  In fact, we use Hostmonster to host our sister site ( and have never had an issue with servers going down, etc.  If we feel comfortable hosting our business with Hostmonster you should also feel very safe using this great company.   I have personally met the staff at Hostmonster and they are dedicated to bringing you the most reliable hosting service on the web.

Customer Support: When evaluating Hostmonster’s customer support we must give them a perfect rating!  Not only does this company provide fast and friendly support BUT they are also very knowledgeable and are english speaking (a rarity in today’s market).  Just like their sister company, Hostmonster prides themselves in having an average hold time of under 30 seconds, that is EXCEPTIONAL!

Features: If you think that $3.95 a month is too much for web hosting, then perhaps you are not looking at the many features that Hostmonster offers each and every client. First, Hostmonster will give each customer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and unlimited domain hosting… This is nice because you don’t have to fret month to month if you are going to go over your alloted space.  Hostmonster will also give each customer well over $100 in free advertising credits to companies like Google and Yahoo. One thing I especially like about Hostmonster is their FREE 1-click installs, each customer can utilize a free tool called simple-scripts to install applications like WordPress with a simple click of the button.

Availability: Hostmonster offers their customers many different support options including:  a huge knowledge-base of questions, 24/7 live chat support with a real human, 24/7 telephone support, and even e-mail support!  No matter what time of the day you want support you can get it fast from a friendly worker.  I don’t think any other company can compete with Hostmonster or Bluehost when it comes to the availability of support.

In closing…. I am VERY IMPRESSED by the web hosting provided by Hostmonster.  I am confident in recommending them to you and I am sure that you will be pleased with the service and support they provide to you.  We hope you enjoy Hostmonster just as much as we have with!


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Hostmonster Review
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